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Who is yogi bee?

My love of yoga began 18 years ago in hopes of improving my posture. Whilst I did see improvements, it was, however, that I realised there was more to yoga than an end goal or how to hold the perfect Instagram pose. Over time, regular yoga practice improved my overall emotional and physical wellbeing. As a result, I saw positive changes in my mood as I became more patient and less stressed. Through experiencing the benefits of regular yoga practice, it has been beneficial in helping me seek comfort and stability through some emotional and trying times. 

My love of yoga and its important benefits led me to my teacher training in 2017. It was important to me to share yoga with others in an accessible and affordable way in the Echuca Moama community, and to bring the rewarding benefits of yoga to the many busy lives many of us lead.  Having completed my foundational training with Wisdom Yoga Institute; I am a certified Level 1 Yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Australia. This training involved over 12 months study, assessment and intensive supervision where I was able to fully immerse myself in the yogic lifestyle and philosophy onsite in a Freemantle Ashram.  I keep my skills updated with regular CPD training to inspire my passion and practice. I am qualified to teach Hatha Vinyasa, Restorative, Yoga Nidra and Yoga for Cancer and Palliative Care. Most recently I have commenced studies on the pathway to a Yoga Therapist.

The skills and experience I have gained from being a nurse for over 20 years ensure I offer safe classes.  My classes are small and intimate with no more than 10 in a class. I offer a warm, welcome space where you can connect your breath with movement to help slow or still the mind. My classes are designed to suit everyBODY and all abilities. You don’t need to be flexible, coordinated or strong. All you need is a little courage, an open mind and a desire to provide some well-deserved self-care and stillness in your life routine. 


My passion is to teach slow mindful classes and to share with the community the how yoga can help you slow down and be still. I believe yoga allows us to take time out of today's fast-paced living, step out of the whirlwind and into a Yogi Bee class. 


Belinda Egan

Registered with Yoga Australia | Level 1 Yoga Teacher


Yogi Bee - Whats in a name?

Where did the Yogi Bee name come from? Why bees? 

Well I’ve grown up being called B, my father in law was a beekeeper and the bee is spiritual symbol for soul wisdom. It just seemed to fit (thank you to the suggestion of our eldest daughter Madeline). 

Bees symbolize brightness, personal power, and community. I love that bees are completely devoted to work for the common good of the hive; they are devoted to purpose and magical connection with life. They understand the fruitfulness of hard-work as well as the importance of rest, it’s all about balance. In nature, the thriving part of a flower’s life literally cannot exist without the bee and its devoted purpose to pollinate.

Yoga to me is like creating honey on the inside.

My little hive of yogi bees can expect a safe welcome environment to connect movement with breath, with the overall aim of slowing or stilling the mind. My classes are small and intimate with no more than 10 in a class. Yoga will let you tune in, chill out and shape up. My classes are designed to suit everyBODY and all abilities. You don’t need to be flexible, coordinated or strong.

I know that offering smaller classes allows you as the student and my role as the teacher, to help you grow. We can grow together!

Come join me! Share in my love of yoga.